Biopsy nov 6th

Had colorectal dr again today. Wanted to look at the area in question again.  Still two anal tags and still the two white spots that feel a bit hard. They are bigger then they were end of sept.  He said more concerned about white spots than tags. I’m very upset.  He took pics tried to get me In next week. He said it’s a dysplasia but hoping stops there.  It’s just in the opening.  I have a very awful bad feeling about this. He was to concerned. I’m praying hard but it’s like what else can it be. Xoxo 

Thomas, Kim threw a punch at your cancer.
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We're so very concerned to read this, Aunty. We have everything crossed for you, and you're in our purrayers. It's a form of torture having to wait 'til 6 November so we hope you can keep busy and don't let this worry get you down too much. Love surrounds you, angels watch over you. Many hugs :*)
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I should of added he’s doing biopsies on tags and white spots.
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This really upsets me because you told him about the spots a long time ago and he told you it would not be anything because he had just seen you. The first thing that comes to mind is malpractice. I have little respect for a lot of these doctors, there are so few dedicated good ones. I am so sorry for your anxiety and concern. Sending prayers and hugs your way and positive thoughts.
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Yes I’m angry. I saw him at end of sept. Two tags and two small white spots. Now two tags and two bigger white spots. They feel firm. I just know it’s cancer. I knew last time too. But won’t know till biopsy. I don’t know what to do with myself.
Do you have tranquilizers to help calm you down? I feel your fear. Ok, logically if it is cancer you got it very early and they can probably remove them but still, I know that is no consolation at this point. You have been through so much. Please keep us posted and most of all, pray for benign results.
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I literally took a Xanax a bit ago but I’m to anxious fir it to kick in It’s I’m just getting past my mastectomy and this. I know we all have things in our life. I just feel so worn right now. This started aug and I literally won’t have an answer till nov 16-20th.
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Understandable. The Xanax will help. You are so strong and so amazing that I have to praise you for putting one foot in front of the other as you march through your cancer battles. I don’t have your strength. I am your biggest admirer! Use this site to vent your concerns, everyone is here to support you through this battle. Such a shame we have to wait so long to see our doctors. I remember I was diagnosed in March and did not start trearment until May. All my doctors were on vacation!
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Thank you. Means so much to me. XOXO
Sending hugs, love, and prayers. God's got this! Xoxo
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I’ve been going to him six yrs. all was good till a yr ago when starting burning the precancer areas. And did he miss something. He did the scope in OR .. where they put vinegar to look for instead to show up white. That’s the precancer and he burns it. Did he not put the vinegar at the opening ?? He did this July. I called aug said I fell something. He said see me end of sept. So this has been going on for almost three months ! Omg!!
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Cindy, you are right at the 5 year mark, I believe? I think that is a very positive thing on your side. My doctor said after 3 years is a big milestone, to avoid a recurrence and after 5 is another. Just saying you have some good statistics on your side. I know the fear is real. I am sending you prayers for peace of mind and good results. Hugs and ❤️ love.
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6 yrs. but started with low grade then high grade dysplasia a yr ago
Big hug as you wait. So sorry your doctor did not biopsy sooner.
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I begged him to. He did try to get me in. There were no availability. New hospital rules suck!!!!!
Prayers for peace. I still take a benzodiazepine to help with my nerves.
Sending prayers. Xanax...the best thing ever.
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I would feel exactly the same if I was in your shoes. I mean you did everything in the right way: had check-ups, voiced your concerns, and listened to the advice. If they are cancer, then they are small and I expect they will be removed surgically. I am really praying that it's not AC, that's all I can do. I'm sending positive thoughts, wish it was more. Hugs xx
So sorry you have another worry. I really can't understand why your doctor has waited to this point to biopsy these spots. I hope you are scheduled to get this done real soon. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers!
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Cindy (I actually call you Miss Rhode Island because you're so pretty)....DO NOT waste your time anticipating the worst. I could see how you would think as you do; HL, then Anal, Brca...Lord that's a lot to go through. BUT, all of that is NOT a precursor to a recurrence of the anus cancer. Dysphasia doesn't always turn cancerous just as polyps do not always turn to cancer! Really! You've had ca three times but none were a recurrent type. Have the xanax....or two or how many you're allowed. Xanax did nothing for me personally, I tried them over 20 years ago. Good old "V" does it for me. Blessings on your results.🙏🏻👍🏻
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Cindy, I am sorry to be late adding my voice. You need to tell this doctor when it is over that you are angry about how it was handled. He needs to know and maybe it will help you decide whether to stay with him or find another doctor! I hope you can find ways to not think about this all the time, but it won't be easy! It's been more than six years since your diagnosis...not likely that this beast waited that long! Just know that there are dozens of people here on BFAC holding you in their hearts and waiting for your news.
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Thank you. Yes you’re right about the six yrs. what bothers me is at five yrs he started doing the HRA in the OR and started to find low grade dysplasia and cauthrtized it. Then it was high grade dysplasia and cauterized it. I went four times. Last time was July. It was high grade. So has it been leading up to cancer? The million dollar question. He was talking out loud to himself when he saw me in sept. Saying this wasn’t there in sept. Did I miss it? I’ve never seen spots that were white like this?? Ok. Freak me out. Then when he saw me last week he said wow they got bigger. He took pics. Said I think a dysplasia but the two white firm bumps and two tags we don’t know if it’s cancer till biopsy. I didn’t ask when people get reoccursnces do they have white bumps or lumps? Xoxo
Good questions for him!!!
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Going to try to reach out to him but maybe some people on here will be able to give input on that question
Oh yes, November 6th. My date to go to Moffitt Cancer Center. The wait is bad enough, but after being mis diagnosed X2, I understand your lack of patience as to waiting. When one goes to a so called Specialist and they get it wrong, their MD license should be suspended while they get additional education on the subject.
Reading your story Cindy my heart goes out to you as you have been sucker punched by Cancer too many times. No more, this time just has to give you a break. So, let it be so! Give Cindy a break. And here's to our shared date of Nov.6.
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Praying for you. The waiting for an answer is gut wrenching. My dr suggested v for me and it works when I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack. Sending you hugs
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Hi Cindy, please don't let this eat you up before anything gets done. First suggestion is to get a second opinion, is there another doctor in your doctor's practice that can review your situation? Please remember you have all of your blog for a cure team in your corner keeping an eye out for you, so please don't worry about it. Miracles still happen, so please don't give up on that. My mom went into surgery to have a tumor removed, and when they got there there was no tumor. So anything can happen and good things can happen. I hope you can calm down and find some enjoyment in life while you wait out this long period of time before the election, I mean doctor's visit. MGBY, John
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Lol yes election. I even did my emergency ballot today!!
Yes trying to relax it’s hard. But have no choice but to wait it out. The baby is so so adorable!!!!!!!
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Hi Cindy, I am keeping you in my thoughts this week. I hope all goes well with your biopsy and you have something to celebrate on your birthday. Have a wonderful Birthday Week!
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Hope you are finding some peace and you get some answers and get to enjoy your birthday week with positive news
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What a week, biopsy and birthday- may both be better than expected!
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Happy Birthday, Cindy! 🎈🎂⭐
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I thought white spots were just a result of radiation. Apparently not? When I had a biopsy on my vagina, it was prompted by a "white spot" and they concluded it was benign. So sorry for all that you're going through, Cindy. Praying for same benign result for you tomorrow.
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Cindy, please let us know what is happening now...sorry I missed your birthday, I hope it was a good day despite the concern...
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