Precancer ... cancer??

Sorry I haven’t been on much. A lot going on with continuous UTI and heart issues... the valves and getting rushed into hospital. On meds bp and HR still spikes.  No one has answers   Going to Boston the 24th 

now I found two white spots and two anal tags in anal area. To me white spots feels hard. Dr said skin is smooth. The hard is deeper under skin. Then anal Tags Small But my cancer last time was the anal tag! Here we go again. When dr saw white spots said that’s strange. Said I don’t know what it is. Great!  He said I had you in OR in July I saw none of this. He said I don’t think I missed it we use a special tool to look at area they detect cancer cells with and it was fine.   I called him in aug said I felt hard spots.  He said let it go I just checked you. It’s now oct it’s worse.  Yup I’m a wreck cause I think it’s cancer. He can’t say it’s not.   Nov 6 is OR date. I put myself on a cancellation list.  He only gets in OR three times a month!  Ugh. Very depressed. 

Any input?   Thanks 

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I would like to think he doesn't know what it is because he thinks it's not cancer. Are you scheduled for the OR? It is very scary waiting buy try to get your mind off it until the day of the appointment. I know, easier said than done. We go to Dana Farber for second opinions, they have the best in Boston because of all the medical schools.

If there are any cancer cells it seems like you would be catching it early, which is important of course. Sending prayers and positive energy your way! Keep us posted. Hugs
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Yup nov 6 OR date. But I’m trying to go sooner. I go to Boston also. My brother lives there. I go to Brigham’s for a cardiologist. I went to mass general for my mascectomy and I’m going oct 24 to mass general to a valve specialist and I went to Dana when I had the anal cancer. They knew here in RI I had squamous cell but couldn’t find the tumor. The gyn there said to biopsy the anal tag. That was the tumor. That’s why I’m so scared
I'm so sorry to hear this...I'm not of any help as I don't have experience with this particular situation, but I completely empathize! Hopefully that cancellation list will work and you can get it sooner. Take care Cindy, I'm thinking about you.
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I trust his cancer scan in July and believe you had nothing then, so if, yes, if, there is something, you would be catching it very very early, so please don't fret over it, don't worry until they tell you to worry, and then get a 2nd opinion- okay? Like the song says let's live for today!
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Cindy, Sorry you're having so many issues. As far as the white spots, I don't know if we're talking about the same thing, but a couple years ago, the skin around my anus, which had always been smooth, started feeling rough and bumpy. It looks white. The doctor said that's normal skin changes from the radiation. I hate the feel of it cause the little bumps feel hard and worry me as well. Hopefully that's all it is with you. Hugs.
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Mine are two white spots under the skin Not on outside of anal area. They are in anal area. Right at beginning and skin is smooth but you press on it spots feel hard. Like a hard pea. .
Cindy, I can understand your worry. I hope you can get your surgery date moved up. You need peace of mind. I hope this turns out to be something benign. Sending prayers and hugs.
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That is so long to wait. ugh. Can you get in with someone else? or beg the folks that run the waitlist to keep you on the top of the list.
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Can only second all these support comments...Hoping with you that the date gets moved up...and maybe you might find another doctor for a second opinion!
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Big hug as you wait.
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Keep trying for a cancellation; sometimes they happen. Med offices are very very busy and sometimes do not keep waiting lists, or forget to call. I used to call every so often to keep my name in front.
I am a esqueeky wheel
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I meant to say that I am a very squeaky wheel that sometimes gets the grease! or a royal pain...
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This is Carol P. I haven't really participated in a while, but I read updates on y'all.
A prudent doctor would Bx the hard areas/skin tags. I understand the paranoia when you feel and / or see "something down there." I can understand the doctor's thpught that, after having just checked you, there shouldn't be a concern. "Scar tissue", likely... Well, that darned "scar tissue" can cause BUKOO ANGST!
Try to take a few deep breaths and know that GOD is in control. We aren't.
You have been through a lot since I laste(remember) reading a post from you, Cindy. I will say extra prayers and am sending you a HUG, and positive vibes.
Carol P.
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Thank you. I’m chillin a bit. Just as others experienced after three cancers you freak but yup I’m not in control. Big guy is :) just same symptoms as before bleeding tags pressure and odd symptoms I had before and now ...non stop gas 24/7 ! And the new symptoms the two white spots. Praying
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