I’m in shock !!

I’m so shocked I can’t rememer last time I posted   But to update I went for another HRA in January. Was high grade dysplasia again. Same as in July. He cauterized it again. But last Thursday I went for my annual MRI.   I got a call back. Said an area was off.     I went in did a US in that area. Saw nothing. So said I needed a MRI guided biopsy. I called PA to tell her that my right breast.. the breast in question.. has been sore for a month. Like when you are starting your cycle or taking hormonal replacement. She said come back in let’s do a full US of the breast. Remember I went for MRI originally so that was a different place from my usual mamo. And they did US. So I went in to my usual mamo place they redid it and found three spots in area mri questioned. All in nipple area. She said kinda looks like debris in duct.. maybe a papaloma in the other area and a mass in third area. So now need a US guided biopsy in three areas. I said to her can you say this is definite cancer she said welll no. But she seemed like I just can’t tell you. I said to the PA the radiation dr said it’s a mass. She said ... dr said I determinate....ok what’s that. Isn’t that dr saying I believe it is a true mass?   Omg I have to wait till the 26 th fir biopsy.  I’m going insane. Third cancer!   Yes I’m saying cancer cause my breast truly feels awful and dr was saying I’m sorry. I just had to vent and I’m overwhelmed ! 

:(.  How do I hang in till 26.  I am praying . 

Laurie, Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
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Cindy, it's not me, which makes it real easy for me to say, but here's my suggestion until the 26th: assume that it is simply 3 clogged drains! 3 clogged ducts. And, like anything human or otherwise, when it's clogged-up, it's gonna be sore. So, until they get some Drain-O in there to unclog you, faith will carry you along. They certainly have already done enough probing, poking and scanning...so pray, relax your body and your mind with positive thoughts- assume only the best outcome, and then let us know at the end of the month if they've figured-out WTH is going on and if there's a simple fix. Don't worry until someone tells you too, and I'm suggesting prayer, relaxing music, even some personal pampering time- and now worry- give that away for two weeks. Your BFAC team is thinking of you.
Thank you John. You alway have words of wisdom and encouragement. I’m trying. ❌⭕️🙏🏻😘
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Hello Cindy, I am bummed to hear this news. It reminds me of my starting my treatment, discovered mid March and did not begin treatment until May. It angers me that you have to wait that long. I know how your mind will wraparound that news every second of every day, we have all been there. Worry will get you nowhere so I agree with John, try to relax and do whatever you enjoy doing until they can sort through this and please keep us posted, I will be praying for you and thinking positive thoughts for a good outcome. Sending big bear hugs! Donna
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Thanks so much Donna. As you know it’s hard to think of having cancer a third time. But trying to stay busy
Hugs ❌⭕️
Cindy, awful to have to wait so long for the biopsies. I know I would go mad waiting. Hang in there, there isn't anyway to make the time go quicker, if only....When doctors talk about a mass the alarm bells start ringing, but you just don't know yet.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
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Waiting will be the worst part, I'm so sorry you have to get poked and prodded again, in three places no less. It's easy for me to say too, because it's not me, try to put it out of your mind by doing whatever works best for you. My other thought is, whatever is going on, thankfully it has been discovered so you can get the best treatment to get rid of it. Sending positive vibes to you and prayers. Keep us posted, we are all here on your side.
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So sorry to hear you have gotten this worrisome report on your recent US. I know it's easy for me to say not worry, but try to remain calm until you find out what this really is. I hope it turns out to be benign and nothing to worry about. I'm sending all good thoughts your way.
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Hi Cindy, First of all, not all masses are cancer. We all know the waiting game and not knowing is the worst part. John had some good advice. Don't waste your energy on worrying. Pamper yourself.

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My 5th PET scan in January 2016 showed uptake in the right breast . As a girl, I had caffeine cysts in that breast that burst on their own. I figured it could've been scar tissue and that's exactly what was found upon ultrasound. But your saying the cells from the FNB were actually dysplasic? I would tell them to 86 the ultras and just do a damn biopsy already. I don't like dancing around. In 2008, they sent me for two mamma because the review team disagreed on results. Then they wanted a US. I rarely get angry and spout off at medical people but I told them "enough, that's it" and then I shamed them by saying "give me an FNB, I'll even pay for it".
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Cindy, I have known so many women who have had "masses" show up and then it's nothing. They error on the side of caution. I know the waiting is horrible, but stay strong, like you always have. Sending you my prayers and good thoughts.
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Cannot add much to these comments, so full of love and wisdom. Keep venting when you need to!!! We're here thinking of you.
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I am so sorry you're having to go through this. But I do like John's words of wisdom. Sending you hugs, love, and prayers
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Cindy I’m sorry to hear what you are going through. The waiting is truly the worst. In light of your previous history is there anything you can do to move up the appointment? Perhaps you can try to reach someone in management at your breast center.? When I recently had a scare they were going to make me wait 10 days for the US/Mammo but when I explained my history they moved me up. I pray that they can do something for you so you can be sure it’s nothing and move on 🙏🏼❤️
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My tech spoke to the dr doing biopsies. She said this girl had cancer twice can we get her in sooner. She said it’s a triple biopsy we can’t fit her in sooner. Ugh
Hi Cindy,

I can understand that the waiting is insane! But I recently, in September Got called back for a suspicious spot in my left breast. After 3 new diagnostic mammograms, they still could not tell what it was. So then they sent me for an ultrasound. I couldn’t tell anything on the ultrasound. They called me in to talk to the Doctor Who said there was an anomaly and the need to to do a biopsy. I was completely freaked out. But I was lucky I had the biopsy two days later. They called it an architectural distortion. So they couldn’t tell what it was and they had to do the biopsy . It turned out it was just some scar tissue from a healed fibroid cyst. So take heart and hang in there it could work out OK. Practice self care, hot baths, walks, deep breaths., yoga or whatever works for you. I m praying for good results and for peace of mind. In the meantime, ask to get on a callback list for cancellations to move up the biopsy. Love and hugs.
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Thanks for the info
Just kinda freaked me out cause it’ shows a definite mass. And dr said it truly don’t look right. But hoping and praying Hugs ❌⭕️
Cindy, vent away...Totally understood. john amd others gave some good advice about trying to quell your imagination of what is not yet known. I really think our most difficult task is fighting FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. I know it’s a struggle for me,too. Prayers and good vibes and peace until the 26th. Xoxoxo
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Big hugs sent your way as you wait for another biopsy. I am going with duct issues. I know the wait and see game is hard.
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I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Cindy! The weight must be torture-it’s crazy that it will take that long to get the biopsy. I had a lump in my breast several years ago, and the biopsy was inconclusive so I had a lumpectomy and it proved to be a benign mass. So think positively if you can!
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I am a little confused. I thought breast MRI was the gold standard, so not sure why they are relying on US. Are you able to make your own appt. with a surgeon?
Indeterminate means its not quite clear, could even be artifact or scar. So its one of those that they wont be certain without biopsy. So not definite.
A clogged duct can certainly make your breast feel awful. Waiting is horrible, so sorry you have to go through that.
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The dr who did the US said indeterminate to my PA but the report was much different. The PA was surprised too.
The MRI showed an area dut didn’t define what it was
The US did I will post the report under photos. It’s in three different photos. Was to large fit one . It was worse the PA said but not 100 percent it’s cancer but has a high likely hood.
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