Early bday gift

Last week had five year scan. All is the same from May.  Would of went a year but had few issues so they did six months.  Concern was a node in upper lung that was 5 mm and at 6 they biopsy. But didn’t grow. Thank God! 

Now got to find a way to get system functioning. Eek!  I know a lot of us have that.  

Last Friday in ER for High HR 176 and high BP 160/102.   They were so bad. Nurses so mean dr was an ass. Ok I do know they are very overworked but hey I didn’t wanna be there neither!   Usually doesn’t happen. Guess I got bad group.  They did nothing. Blood chest X-ray ekg sent me back to public waiting area. No iv no gown.  I felt so dehydrated. Brutal headache whole time but not even a pill. My cardiologist was upstairs text me said he’s come down Nope didn’t.  Waste of time.  Have appt with him tomorrow  Not where I want to be on my bday! But my bailey has appt at doggie hospital next door to my dr so husband will take us both! Lol. She made it thru chemo did good. Lymph node and bone marrow neg so went in remission. Yes!          But dogs get reoccurance and total time they give them is a year.  Maybe she’ll beat the odds. She is happy eats drinks goes for walks. Her norm self just heavy from pred.  She is on a mild form or chemo now for an auto immune disease. ITP     She can’t get a break! 

Always praying for everyone. Love and hugs to all! ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️😘😘😘

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I’m sorry to hear about your ER trip...so frustrating. But good news about the node!! Happy Birthday and cheers to good health and happiness 🎉🎂🥂❤️!
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Thanks so much! ❌⭕️
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Too bad about the crazy ER visit! I’m glad your doggie is doing well - hope it continues. Good news on your scan - enjoy your birthday tomorrow, hopefully worry free!
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Am sorry you are going thru this on your birthday, of all days *soft paw* Sending you hugs and doggy face licks. Great news about Bailey! We have all paws and fingers crossed that she beats the odds and your days together are filled making precious and happy memories xx :*)
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Thank you and Miss Bailey thanks you too!!! ⭕️❌🐶
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Terrible ER visit. I hate the ER with a passion. I am so sorry for your troubles. I once saw a man come in with a compound fracture; blood and bone everywhere. They want him to fill out some paperwork before seeing him. It amazes me. I think you are better off calling 911 and go by ambulance. I am glad you got some good news from your scan. I do hope you find a way to get your birthday celebration going on!
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New rules in this hospital. Even if you go in by rescue if they feel it’s not that urgent they do blood ekg and put you in waiting room. Frustrating cause if they put me on a monitor they would of seen hr and BP changing. And at least an iv. I’m always dehydrated!! Yes happy to hea no changes and got yo the five years. Now to get heart issue under control Thanks so much!! ❌⭕️
ER's are a scary place! Sorry you had to visit one. Wishing you a happy, healthy birthday!
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Thank you. It is I should be use to it by now. Unfortunately I have to go a lot. Been by rescue most of the time. Sometimes the hr and BP doesn’t come down as fast as it should. But good bday ! Ct scan being good was a great gift! Now let’s see if this cardiologist can help today to work with heart issue. ❌⭕️
Hope your birthday is a great day and you get better treatment from that doctor! HUGS!
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Day is going good!!just saw cardiologist. Gave him hell for not coming to see me as he stated. A lot of sorts but I’ll let it slide he was in the Cccu with patients. He agreeded that the ER did not handle issue properly.
And he has no day over them. Healthcare gets worse by the day. Thanks ❌⭕️
An IV would have worked wonders, and probably have gotten rid of your headache too. Next time, you go to the dog doctor (please don't read anything into that, you're no dog- far from it) as they treat their animal patients better than many people ER's. Cardiologist - no stress test or Beta blockers, so must be okie dokie? Happy Birthday!
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Dog hospital is way better! This place is amazing!! It’s huge!!!!! So true
I’m on verapamil. Been on it for many years. Will be on it forever. Had echo back in may. Will redo it in May. Three leaking valves. Mitral valve is leaking the most Thank you!! ❌⭕️
Should tell you about my ER experience - years ago, had something in my eye that after an hour or so of working to get it out realized it was scratching my eye, so off to the ER. Waiting and waiting. Young woman came in who had been hit in the face during a softball game, blood everywhere around her mouth and a tooth hanging out. They were going to make her wait and I INSISTED that she go in before me...then when I finally get in, the nurse first weighs me (what that had to do with anything...) and asks "have you ever had any medical problems?" I wanted to say YES I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE!!! but managed to ask - do you mean do I have heart problems or anything else you should know about...FINALLY a doctor came in and removed the object which turned out to be pollen grains stuck to the eyeball...nothing weirder than watching a pair of tweezers approaching your eyeball...

Give that doggie a hug! And your husband too!
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