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Five years

It's five years. Very happy. Dec will be 28 years for my Hodgkin's lymphoma   Yay! 

Celebrating but I'm doing a soft anniversary cause the nasty thing wants to come back.   Hope the cauthering worked. We will see in Jan where it's at with another HRA.  Ct scan is Nov 1.  So hoping this was a good Anniversary. Right now I'm celebrating it is!  

I toast to all of you today! You all got me to this point!   Salute ! Love to all! 


Thomas, Anne threw a punch at your cancer.
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Cindy likes this comment
5 is our favorite number...NED...NED...NED...NED...NED...(cheer louder now)!
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5 is golden for sure! 😘❤️
John likes this comment
You’ve got this one!! Stay positive!!
Cindy likes this comment
Got my positive cap on!! 😘❤️
Congratulations on five years! Sending lots of prayers your way that all the tests come back negative-try to get out and enjoy yourself!
Cindy likes this comment
Thanks!! I'm enjoying it! 😘❤️
Wonderful news! May you get all good news in your upcoming exams. Until then, celebrate!
Cindy likes this comment
Thank you. I am!! 😘❤️
Smurf likes this comment
Yeah!! fantastic news.
Cindy likes this comment
It is ! Thank you and thank you once again for this amazing site! Don't know what I would of done without it!
Admin likes this comment
Concatulations! *thumping tailwags* And we have paws and fingers crossed xx :*)
Cindy likes this comment
Thanks for the tail wags 😊🐶😘❤️
Thomas likes this comment
Best news ever! So pleased for you, 5 years - that's a great number!
Cindy likes this comment
It is 😊 Thanks 😘❤️
Congrats Cindy, how wonderful for you! That is a milestone! You will be fine from one former Hodgkins to another!
Cindy likes this comment
Thanks Donna 😊 Yes It's a milestone! I remember the days waiting for the five year mark for Hodgkins ... long time ago. 😘😊❤️
Five years is awesome!! Sending you good thoughts for your tests!
Cindy likes this comment
Thank you! 😘❤️
Going for Cancer free!!
Cindy likes this comment
Good slogan! 😊😊 thanks! 😘❤️
Hugs and good wishes to you this Friday the 13th. You are my inspiration to keep up the fight. We are all on this journey together, Cindy.
Cindy likes this comment
Thank you so much! Hoping the 13th is everyone's good luck day!!!!!!! 😘😊❤️
Carol likes this comment
Congratulations, Cindy. I know you'll keep it going!
Cindy likes this comment
Thanks Mary!! 😘
Wonderful news. Those are amazing milestones. You are full of fortune. 😇💪❤️
Cindy likes this comment
Thank you linda so much 😘
So sorry about Ann. She been in my prayers Praying for her husband. Know it will be hard ... 40 yrs together 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hope your CT was a good one. Happy birthday week!
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Happy birthday week to you!!!
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The odds are on our side, Cindy! I am thinking positive thoughts for all of us.
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Cindy, hope your CT Scan was "unremarkable" and they 'destruction' of the crud was a good thing, but most of all, wishing you a very Happy Birthday this week and another 28 years of good health and happiness. MGBY, John
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Have a wonderful birthday, Cindy...Enjoy your day..God Bless!!!!

Donna Rush
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Vital Info


August 8, 2012

Rhode Island

November 8, 1961

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer squamous cell

June 23, 2012

Stage 3B

0.1 - 1.0 cm

Grade 3


Fluorouracil (5-FU)

Everything....and having it again..had hodgkins lymphoma 1989

You have to enjoy life

Two groin nodes and two iliac nodes

Rhode Island Hospital

October 11, 2013

Anal skin tag...burning..itching...cramps....constipation ....tired

Starting Aug 27th 5FU and Mito C

Pelvic radiation starting aug 27th



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