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Procedure second part

Procedure second part
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hope I'm reading this right, Thumbs up!!!
Congratulations, we should all be this lucky. I'm very happy for you!!!
Perianal and posterior says no high or low grade dysplasia found. That's good. But anteriorly they found HSIL high grade dysplasia in a few areas which was destroyed. Good it was destroyed. Wish it was found when low grade. So I'm being told by someone here that had anal cancer that them finding high grade is not good cause it usually keeps coming back often and more likely to turn to cancer. She said dr should of done anal pap at 6 months not wait a year. If did at 6 months it probably would of found it at low grade which is better. I'm not taking one persons advice so I wanted you guys to weigh in on this. Thanks. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜˜
I hope you get the feedback you need. It's something we all need to know. Is anal pap same thing as anoscopy?
No anal pap is like a cervicsl pap but in anal area The anal scope let's them examine the area
Oh. Right. Silly me!
Reading this is interesting, as I have had no anoscopies here in the Netherlands. I get DRE's and CT scan's. I just wonder.....
I have to live with the treatment care they do here, and so far I am happy with it. There is so much information to read about in the BFAC site, we all become so knowledgeable. (Maybe not me, but you certainly are!) It can't help you though to say if only they had done this earlier, or you'll go crazy. Ypu can't change that. But it looks to me like a great result! Cheers!
Surveillance and removal of threat is what I'm seeing. I wasn't aware that low grade progressed to high grade, it doesnt work that way in bladder cancer. It either is or it isn't. Good to know. I'm gonna have to read up on this.
In the end, (sorry!), it's positive news. Glad you are being followed closely, not everyone has access to HGA.
He doesn't always do HRA but the anal pap did say favors dysplasia so he felt needed. Thank God cause he got the precancer destroyed. I'm just hearing that if he to it sooner by months it still would of been on low grade status
Yes I was confused to. I'm thrilled about first part of report in other post but just confused about high grade. He did tell me dysplasia is mild low grade or a bit more in depth being high grade. High grade meaning the cells are even more advanced ... closer to being cancer cells. So I was concerned cause I was high grade. Yes he burned it all so it's gone. Just need to ask what this exactly means.
Sounds like everything was taken care of. I think this is all good news.
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Vital Info


August 8, 2012

Rhode Island

November 8, 1961

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer squamous cell

June 23, 2012

Stage 3B

0.1 - 1.0 cm

Grade 3


Fluorouracil (5-FU)

Everything....and having it again..had hodgkins lymphoma 1989

You have to enjoy life

Two groin nodes and two iliac nodes

Rhode Island Hospital

October 11, 2013

Anal skin tag...burning..itching...cramps....constipation ....tired

Starting Aug 27th 5FU and Mito C

Pelvic radiation starting aug 27th



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