Rasberry ketones

December 30, 2014 @ 4:09 PM PST to December 30, 2014 @ 4:09 PM PST
Has anyone used them? Heard so much about them. Curious? Xo

Sabina sent you a hug.
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Not in my experience, I hope someone knows!
I'm not sure what or why you would use them. I would just encourage you eat healthy and as clean as you can. Exercise and water is a must, too.
I took some before my diagnosis and threw them out after. Not really sure they are that good for you.
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August 8, 2012

Rhode Island

November 8, 1961

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Anal Cancer

Anal cancer squamous cell

June 23, 2012

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Fluorouracil (5-FU)

Everything....and having it again..had hodgkins lymphoma 1989

You have to enjoy life

Two groin nodes and two iliac nodes

Rhode Island Hospital

October 11, 2013

Anal skin tag...burning..itching...cramps....constipation ....tired

Starting Aug 27th 5FU and Mito C

Pelvic radiation starting aug 27th


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